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Pure mexican

vanilla extract

PURE: Made with just two ingredients: alcohol and whole Mexican vanilla beans. We never add artificial flavors, colors, sugars, or other additives to our extract.

UNFILTERED: Each bottle of extract contains vanilla bean flecks that will add a special touch and additional flavor to your recipes. 

DIRECT TRADE: Voladores Vanilla works collaboratively with small producers in the Totonacapan region of Mexico to ensure fair pay and develop viable growing practices. 

TRADITIONALLY GROWN: Pods are hand-picked to ensure maturity and high vanillin content and sun-cured using artisanal methods to achieve maximum flavor.

TRACEABILITY: Vanilla planifolia grown in Papantla possesses unique characteristics as a result of  soil conditions and curing methods; Vainilla de Papantla is the Denomination of Origin that has been protected by the Mexican government since 2009. 


Our pure vanilla extract begins with the finest vanilla beans from Mexico. We use a cold extraction method to capture the both the bold and subtle flavors of the vanilla beans. The resulting extract is bursting with flavor and will certainly shine in any recipe. 

Our vanilla extract contains ONLY TWO ingredients - real Mexican vanilla beans and alcohol. That's it. There are no added sugars, colorings, or flavorings -- just the purest Mexican vanilla.


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