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Our Vanilla Partners

After selling vanilla for only a short period of time, Nicole and Roberto quickly realized that it was very difficult to buy directly from the growers. The only purchasing options were via middlemen who did not grow or cure the vanilla. In an effort to shorten the supply chain, they sought to establish contact with several farmers.

Their initial interactions with these small vanilla growers were revealing—often, farmers did not set the price for their vanilla and thus were paid far below market value for their product. Not only did this discourage many long-time growers from continuing to cultivate such a labor-intensive crop, but it is also one of the principal reasons for the scarcity of Mexican vanilla worldwide. This unfortunate situation fueled a passion in Roberto and Nicole to want to establish personal relationships with our growers.

They began to build partnerships with vanilla farmers across the state of Veracruz with a focus on direct trade. They got to know these individuals on a personal level by visiting them and their families each year. These values continue to be at the core of their work, and Roberto and Nicole believe that the wellbeing of the producers and their families is essential to bringing their customers the very best vanilla. 

In addition to establishing face-to-face relationships which allows for the growers to receive fair wages, another goal of theirs is to help Mexican vanilla farmers succeed in their mission of preserving a crop that has grown in Mexico for centuries. In order to make this possible, Nicole and Roberto connect their vanilla partners with an international customer base that they otherwise would not have access to. In addition, they invest in small projects that are particular to each farm's needs, such as developing a water system to provide for easier irrigation of plants and constructing a covered area that can be used to cure beans when rainy weather occurs. It is the hope of Voladores Vanilla to bring attention back to the place where vanilla was born so as to encourage future generations of Mexican vanilla growers.

When you purchase vanilla from us, you can feel confident that you are getting a product that was grown in Mexican soil by farmers who are passionate about preserving a time-honored tradition.

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