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Although less commonly cultivated in comparison to Planifolia and Tahitensis vanillas, Pompona is a variety that is gaining popularity for its unique floral aroma and peculiar size and shape. The short, plump pods effuse an intoxicating scent similar to cherry blossoms. The extract made from those vanilla pods has a deep chocolate-like color, yet smells sweet and delicate. 


STRENGTH: Single-strength describes the concentration of vanilla flavor. Most supermarket vanilla extracts are single-strength and follow the FDA ratio of 13.35 ounces of vanilla beans per gallon of 35% alcohol.


RECIPE: Our cold extraction process preserves the 250+ flavor and aroma components found in real vanilla. No heat nor pressure is used to produce our extract. Each bottle of extract contains vanilla bean flecks that will add a special touch and additional flavor to your recipes. We never add artificial flavors, colors, sugars, or other additives to our extract.


PACKAGING: Extract is packaged in an amber glass bottle to protect it from light and/or chemical leaching that can occur with transparent or plastic containers.

Pure Pompona Extract

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