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Mexican vanilla pieces (also known as vanilla cuts) are an economical and convenient way to make vanilla extract at home. They are already cut into pieces and ready to be added to extracts, tinctures, home brews, teas, soaps, and perfumes.


SIZE: Most of the beans are cut into 1-2” pieces.


APPEARANCE: They come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some of the pods are split exposing the seeds, while others are not quite long enough to be sold as extract beans. The rest are vanilla bean "misfits" due to natural blemishes, odd shapes, and lower moisture content. The irregular appearance of these vanilla pieces will not affect their aroma or flavor. Rather, they are ready-to-use and will yield an extract with a deep maple color, delicate aroma, and bold flavor. 


AROMA: Warm, confectionary-like aroma that is sweet and almost marshmallow-like

Planifolia Vanilla Pieces

PriceFrom $29.00
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