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Vanilla pompona is extremely scarce as not many farmers grow this bean for profit. The pods are short, thick, and packed with vanilla seeds. They take longer to cure compared to the planifolia variety because of their plump nature.


SIZE: Up to 5 inches


APPEARANCE: Grade B (Extract) Pompona beans/pieces vary in size and shape. Each order will include a mixture of small beans with less vanilla caviar, beans that are drier and less pliable, beans that are split, and pieces. These grade B beans/pieces are best for making extract. Their appearance will not affect their flavor or aroma. Vanillin is located on the inner wall (papillae) of a vanilla bean. As long as you incorporate the whole bean in your extract (pod and caviar), your final product will have maximum color, aroma, and flavor.


AROMA: Pompona vanilla is more perfumy and floral than planifolia vanilla with undernotes of cherries, figs, and cloves. The beans smell like a sweet bouquet of exotic flowers and can even have a candy-like scent akin to creamy marshmallows.

Grade B (Extract) Pompona Beans

PriceFrom $30.00
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