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Grade A (Gourmet) Planifolia vanilla beans are excellent for use in desserts, savory dishes, speciality drinks, or any recipe that showcases real vanilla.


SIZE:  Each bean is at least 5 inches long. There are approximately:

1oz (28.3 grams) = 5-9 beans/pods
2oz (58.7 grams) = 10-18 beans/pods
3oz (85.05 grams) = 15-27 beans/pods
4oz (113.4 grams) = 20-36 beans/pods


APPEARANCE: Gourmet grade beans are the gold standard of vanilla--they are plump with vanilla “caviar” due to their higher moisture content and have a glossy sheen from the fragrant oils that naturally develop as a result of the artisanal curing process. They are extremely pliable with no splits or cracks and are visually attractive with virtually no flaws. 


AROMA: Exquisite sweet aroma with notes of raisins, plums, and chocolate

Grade A (Gourmet) Planifolia Beans

PriceFrom $32.00
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