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Grade B (Extract) Planifolia vanilla beans are ideal for making homemade vanilla extract or for use in handcrafted teas, kombuchas, brews, and perfumes.


SIZE:  Each bean is at least 4 inches long. There are approximately:

1oz (28.3 grams) = 9-13 beans/pods

2oz (58.7 grams) = 18-26 beans/pods

3oz (85.05 grams) = 27-39 beans/pods

4oz (113.4 grams) = 36-52 beans/pods


APPEARANCE: Extract grade (B) Mexican planifolia vanilla beans tend to be slightly more irregular in size and shape than gourmet grade (A) beans and may have some blemishes, such as splits or knots. They are thinner, less pliable, and have a lower overall moisture content. These differences in physical appearance will not affect the overall aroma or flavor.


AROMA: Sweet aroma with notes of raisins and chocolate, as well as hints of honey and caramel

Grade B (Extract) Planifolia Beans

PriceFrom $31.00
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